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S&A recirculating industrial water cooler CW-5200 is able to cool one 130W CO2 laser tube or one 8KW CNC spindle or one 50W-75W laser diode or one 15W-30W semiconductor laser or one 30W RF laser tube.

S&A CW-5200 is a 1400 W cooling coolant. The water temperature can be adjusted as needed. There are 2 specifications: 1 water outlet / inlet and dual outlet / water inlet, usable for cold single or double laser tube.

S&A industrial water coolers are popular for its 2 temperature control modes such as constant temperature and intelligent temperature control mode. Generally speaking, the default setting for the temperature controller is the intelligent temperature control mode. In intelligent temperature control mode, the water temperature is set according to the ambient temperature. However, in constant temperature control mode, users can set the water temperature manually.

& Amp; amp; The water cooler covers a 50% share of the CO2 laser market with an annual sales volume of 30,000 units. After 16 years of development, S & amp; A has become a well-known and popular brand in the laser cooling industry.


1.1400W cooling capacity; use environmental refrigerant;
2. Compact size, long life and easy operation;
3. ± 0.3 ° C precisely temperature control;
4.The intelligent temperature controller has 2 control modes that can be used for different applications; with various setup and display functions;
5. Multiple alarm functions: compressor delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and high / low temperature alarm;
6. multiple power specifications; CE, RoHS and REACH Approvals;
7. Optional heater and water filter.



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